Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is the shelf life of NAB butters?

The date stated on the bottle is 3 months from the churn date. We only tested the product at the laboratory for 3 months’ validity, because we didn’t want to test for any time longer. The whole idea is to get you to eat fresh. A longer shelf life will not promise a fresh bottle.

2. Do I need to store NAB butters in the fridge?

No you do not need to. Even after the bottle is opened, it can stay in room temperature, at a cooling place. However, if you like your spreads to be cold, you can also choose to keep the bottles in the fridge. The great thing is that our spread will not harden, and still spreads smooth and creamy.

3. Why do I need to stir my butter before eating?
We do not add emulsifiers, palm oil or any additives to our butters. As such, it is normal to see the natural oil separating from the almonds if the bottle is left untouched for a week.

Not to worry, just take your spreading knife and give it a good stir right down to the bottom of the bottle, and mix the oil well back into the butter for a smooth consistency.

4. How can I use the NAB butters?

You can enjoy it as how you would peanut butter. Spread it on your toast, toss it in your salad, bake it in your cookies, or simply scoop and eat it.

5. Where is the place of manufacture?
Every bottle is freshly churned in Singapore.

6. How much does shipping cost?
Shipping charge is a flat rate of $7. For deliveries in Singapore only.

7. How long does shipping take?
Because we do not own our own fleet of drivers, shipping may take up to 3 working days.

8. What locations do you ship to?
At the moment, the flat shipping rate applies only to shipping in Singapore. If you would like to ship to another country, please send an email to daniel@nutsaboutbutter.com and we will help you with the arrangements.

9. What is your return policy?
All bottles sent out are non-refundable.
However, if you do receive a bottle with a broken seal upon delivery, do let us know and we will replace the bottle for you.

10. Where can I buy NAB butters?
You can place orders from our website at www.nutsaboutbutter.com.
Alternatively you can also get them at the listed retailers listed here.

11. Do you do bulk orders?
Yes. We do have requests coming from customers to prepare NAB bottles for their weddings and corporate events. If you have something in mind, send us your request and we will get back to you to run through your requirements.

Email daniel@nutsaboutbutter.com to start conversation.